Teaching the Bible in the Heart of the Town

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We've spotted 7 members of HT in this video so far...Can you name them and spot any more? 

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Fabulous Bible teaching and worship on our doorstep, run by people we know and trust. Ridiculously low prices if booked via the church office before the end of November!  Bible By The Beach Ticket enquiry




If you are interested in discovering what Christianity is all about have a look at the videos below. They both tell the core message of Christianity. They're also very helpful if you're struggling to articulate the good news of Jesus to your friends.

For the good news of Jesus from a different starting point....

Many people have found that the "two-ways to live" presentation helps their understanding of the Christian faith.

two ways to live

The first video is from Christianity Explored. 

Find further videos answering common questions by following the links below.

tough questions        examine the evidence